Tips To Help You Build Your New Home

August 5, 2020 | Starr Tingle

Tips to help you build your new home

Looking to build your dream home but do not know where to start? I have written a blog post with some of the best tips you should consider when preparing to build your new home. These will get you started in the right direction! 

This post discusses 8 tips to help you build your new home.

1. Financing and Budget.

Get approved for financing and establish your budget. This step sets the tone for the entire process going forward and will help structure your important decisions and selections for your new home.  Check out my blog post about the financing process; part 1 is here, and part 2 is here.

2. Likes and Dislikes.

Begin observing and analyzing your current house. What do you love about it, and what do you dislike? Make a list so you will not forget! Consider other homes you have been in, too.  Do you like the style of your parent’s house or that of your best friend? What about the unique features of that most recent Airbnb where you stayed?  Use your experiences to help build your list.  

3. Form a “Need” List.

Start a “needs” list by including the essentials for the new house – your non-negotiable items. Think big picture concepts such as 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a basement, open concept floor plan, etc.  If you find you cannot get your “need” items because of budget constraints, you should look for alternatives to building a new home and wait until a time you can meet that “need” list.

4. Form a “Want” List.

Start a “wants” list by taking note of those items or design plans that you hope to have and would like to have but are not deal-breakers if they are not feasible in your new home. These might include a finished basement, a covered back deck, a separate shower and tub in the master bath, etc. They might not be deal-breaker details for you, but they are an important part of the overall picture of your new home!

5. Research 

Wondering which type of heating system, countertops, flooring, or hot water is the best fit for your family? Do your research! Research the topics about which you need more information. This preparation will help you when making tough decisions for your new home. Start a notebook for your findings. Next, list all parts and items that you will include in your new home. These are commonly called the specifications. You should organize this list by grouping together similar items and descriptions. For example, when outlining your desired fireplace, you may list wood burning, blower, gas started, and two-sided. These all describe the fireplace you hope to see in your new home! This level of detail can be a bit overwhelming.

6. What Do You Want Your House To Look Like?

Pull together design ideas from Pinterest and Houzz to help you picture your new home. Make notes on the photos about what you specifically like about each one! People often show me great pictures, but I do not know if they are trying to tell me they like the floor, the wall color, the trim, or the tile! Here is how I organize design ideas for newly built homes.

7. Land Costs.

Decide on your desired area and research land costs and deed-restricted house sizes. The size of the home required can hugely impact your budget and should be taken into account.

8. Interview Builders.

This is crucial! Your builder will be very involved in the entire process while your new home is in the planning and building stages. You must find someone who will work well with you every step of the way. I have written a blog post to help you with this; you can find it here.

This post discussed 8 tips to help you build your new home.

Wrap Up

Now, are you excited to start building your new home? I am committed to educating homeowners and helping them love building their home – start to finish. Taking the time to prepare for this process adequately will make everything much smoother and more successful! If you have a specific question about building a home, send them my way. You can send me an email at Starr (at) I would love to help you out!

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