Who are Tony and Starr?

May 18, 2016 | Starr Tingle

Welcome to our new online sanctuary! It’s nice to have a website that reflects our style and spunk.

If you’re a first-time visitor, we’re so excited you’re here! I’m Starr Tingle, and my husband Tony and I have been running Sanctuary Homes since 1995. We’re a dynamic duo who runs on our passion for having fun, building and renovating world-class homes and cultivating good relationships with our clients. Tony is the brains behind the building, and he’s all about building the very best quality of structure. As for me, I’m the driving force behind all things inspiration and design. Regardless of the budget you have to work with, my mission is to make your home beautiful. When you walk in the front door of your new or newly renovated house, I want you to gasp and feel like you’ve entered the home of your dreams.

At Sanctuary Homes when we work on a house, we don’t do generic or cookie cutter. There’s an unlimited amount of creativity in the world, and when it comes to your home, you deserve something special and unique. After all, you pay on your home for up to 30 years – you deserve a sanctuary that makes your day, every day.

One more thing… if you don’t want to be friends with us, we’re not the best choice for you or your home. Seriously – we love what we do and making our clients happy. When you’re as passionate as we are, it’s difficult not to bond. Many of our former clients are regularly in touch, and some of them are now life-long friends.

Once again, welcome to our new website. Come on in, have a look around and get inspired. When you’re ready for a home you can fall in love with, we’ll be here for you every step of the way.