Holli Hayes

About Holli

Holli manages the “finishes” of our new home and remodel projects.  Holli cares most about the quality of what you see and touch, in your new home.  With her laser eye for detail, she gets things accomplished!   During the building process, Holli will be the one watching the installation of items like siding, tile, and trim.  She rigorously checks the work against our Quality Standards.   Holli is also learning how to do material takeoffs, bidding, and ordering.  Outside of work, Holli is a super Mom in all respects!  If she had spare time, she might enjoy snowboarding, zip lining, and surfing; sadly, it’ll be around 10 years before we find out.

Random Fact

Holli has a weakness for Sour Patch Kids and experiments regularly with being the first Mother in history to have her children clean their entire home; the results have been dismal.

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