We are thrilled to introduce Cottage Homes at Southern Commons to you! The Cottage Homes at Southern Commons is a 63-home pocket neighborhood in Charlestown, In, located at the southern corner of the intersection of State Roads 62 and 3. Just minutes from metro Louisville this “pocket neighborhood” is made up of clustered groups of neighboring houses gathered around a shared open space. Homeowners’ cars are kept in a designated space behind the homes, away from front lawns, open spaces, and where life is happening. This creates a quieter, safer space for residents to relax and enjoy their family time – and who doesn’t need more of that?


Pocket neighborhoods have been enjoyed in the Western States for several years now. Within the past few years, they have started gaining popularity on this side of the Mississippi. The idea is to reduce the amount of time owners have to spend on their lawns – meaning less time maintaining it and no need for a lawn mower or weed eater! Homeowners who want to spend all weekend mowing 5 and 10 acres are being replaced by people who want to spend quality time with their family having fun and relaxing, and it’s easy to see why.

Cottage Homes at Southern Commons makes it possible. With its close proximity to quality restaurants, museums and nightlife in downtown Louisville and fresh air and exercise available at Charlestown State Park, our slogan could easily be: Work less, play more! Join us.


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