Here’s a big secret about Sanctuary Homes: we love remodels! If your hall bath is too embarrassing for guests to use, if your master bath is the least relaxing place on earth, or if the prospect of cooking dinner in your kitchen ruins your appetite—we’re just a phone call away!

In case you are leaning toward remodeling, we’ve written a series of blog posts on the topic. From the first meeting, estimates on cost, and what to expect during construction—we have explained it all. [In looking at your blog/website, I don’t see a link to these posts, though those would be helpful. If they aren’t there, this portion can go away entirely]. Starr:  I’ve got some catching up to do….

After searching for five years for a few acres with some nice trees to build our own family home, we found the perfect spot of land. The house on that land, not so perfect. We bought the property with the lackluster house, and we got busy. We used the same skills and the same concepts we use with our clients. The result is an elegant home that we love! We designed it to suit us, we enjoy it, and we feel so at home there.

We love remodels because we’ve remodeled our own home, so we’ve worked and watched the transformation firsthand. And we love them because folks may just love where they live already. Remodeling allows you to take a new purchase and tailor it to your needs and tastes, or it allows you to stay right where you are and update your beloved home to reflect your changing family dynamics or the shifting seasons of life.

Maybe your kitchen or master bath need an overhaul, not the entire home. We would love to work on those projects with you. We would love the opportunity to put our know-how together with your hopes and ideas for a reimagined and remodeled space.

If you’re curious about costs, about the process of a remodel, about the time involved, give us a call. You can also sign up for our Remodel email newsletter. Included in that publication are case studies of projects we’ve recently completed (with costs and time lines) and helpful tips for moving forward

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