Lilac Cottage Home

July 25, 2018 | Starr Tingle

Sunny yellow cottage home – the Lilac

The Lilac proudly graces lot 1, Southern Commons.  Here are a few of my favorite things (spoiler alert, this is my favorite home on the planet, so the list is looooonnnng):

* It has this vast open green space to the left.  The master bedroom has this sweet little high deck on that side; in a few years, the landscape will be grown up so that you’ll be able to sneak out on your private deck for a cup of coffee and center your mind before the day starts.  Heavenly.

*The fact that it is yellow.  Nothing says welcome home to like a yellow house.  On gray and rainy days, as you are driving home, when you catch that first glimpse of your home, it feels like ray of sunlight beaconing you.

*The porch swing!  Who doesn’t love a good porch swing?

*The dining nook.  There are 7 windows in this space.  7.  It’s basically a sunroom you get to take all your meals in!  What a great bonus.  In the afternoons, the sunlight floods the space with warmth!  It’s a great place to have an after-school snack and work on homework in the winter time.  I can totally envision sitting there, working on a blog, while waiting for our three daughters to get home from school.  Once they get home, serving up a nutritious snack and getting the homework done so we could run over the park and get in a hike to burn off some energy and then sleep like a baby that night!  This is my idea of a perfect day!

Dining Nook Windows
Bright and cheery
windows for days

*The Lilac has a very large kitchen for a cottage home, it knocks me out every time I walk into it!  And the kitchen at 1802 Faith has a shiplap backsplash which is a favorite of mine because it doesn’t have all those busy grout lines like you see in a tile backsplash; it is more subtle and, I think, makes the space feel more peaceful.  The island is 6 feet long, y’all!  I’ve personally hosted three parties in this home, you would be shocked how much food you can sit out on the island and how many people can comfortably hang out in this space, talking and laughing!  Using the living room and the front porch as spillover space, it is just a fun place to gather.  

Large kitchen makes meal prep a breeze.

*I love that there is a small pantry in the hallway.  Just large enough to house your excess foodstuffs, so it doesn’t have to be scattered throughout your cabinets.  When you make out your grocery list, that’s a real time saver.  Instead of opening and closing every cabinet to check your inventory, you only have to check two places:  the fridge and the pantry – then you can be on your way.

*The fireplace in the living room;  C-O-Z-Y is the only word for that space.  If it were my family living there, I would NOT ruin the space with a TV.  That would be the designated space to read and talk to each other.  In the evenings, tired from the day’s activities, my family would gather there in our pj’s to read bedtime stories when they were younger and to just read together in companionable silence for a few minutes before turning in.  I don’t know about you, but I find it essential to read before I can fall asleep.  It turns off my brain so I can stop thinking about the day and rest oh so much better!

Living room built for conversation and gathering.

*The whole mudroom/half bath space in this home is super handing for a busy family.  A mudroom just helps your home stay cleaner and much less cluttered.  We have a mudroom in our current home, and we have a few rules you may benefit from:  

  1. shoes stop there.  Keeping outside dirt outside keeps your home cleaner and knowing where they are, makes leaving the house the next morning, smoother.    
  2. after the homeowner, backpacks are readied for the next day and hung up on the cubby by the door; no running around search the following day.   
  3. There is always a hook for keys in my mudroom.  If you are religious about hanging your keys up every time you walk in the door, you will save something like 88,00 minutes over the course of your life by not searching for your keys.  
  4. We haven’t done this in our home, but it’s a dream of mine:  the cell phones charge in the mudroom overnight.  NONE OF US NEED CELL PHONES IN OUR BEDROOMS and I’m pretty sure science or the medical community has proven that electronics disrupt your sleep, so the get technology out of your bedroom and be on your way to enjoying a restful nights sleep.  
Powder Room Details
Hallway – aren’t the flooring pretty!?
Cubby and garage entry.

Lastly, I like the proximity of the laundry to the kitchen.  It’s my habit to throw in a load of laundry while I cook dinner, put it in the dryer while we eat and clean up, and then fold it real quick when it’s done.  I have to fold laundry hot out of the dryer.  Cold, wrinkled laundry is the worst.  With the laundry so conveniently located to the kitchen, this is easy for me to do, because I can hear the signals and stay on top of it. 

 *The powder room off the back hall.  It’s private, yet handy. 

 *The Master Suite on the first floor.  Tony needs to be close to the coffee pot, haha!!  But for real, there is a gorgeous tile walk-in shower with a heavy glass shower door.  The master closet is off the master bath, which I love!  I can go into the bathroom in the mornings, a total mess and emerge entirely dressed, made up, and ready to conquer the day!  It is peaceful and tucked away in the heart of the home, which is just a good, safe feeling for me.

Master bedroom
Master Bath
Master Shower
Master Closet

*In this particular version of the Lilac, under the stairs to the second floor, there is an impressive closet that is carpeted so it could be a lovely place for little kids to play, or storage space if you’ve got bigger kiddos.

*The upstairs.  There are three bedrooms, so even if you don’t have the kids to fill them, you’ve got yourself a guest bedroom, or a home office, or both!  The two front bedrooms are so light-filled with two large windows and a vaulted ceiling, I would totally love to do yoga in those spaces!  

The second floor closest are all VERY generous for what you would expect in a cottage home.  

*The foundation.  I know it seems weird to talk about the foundation of a home, but I would be remiss if I didn’t speak out on this:  I do not hate the crawl space.  I just don’t.  Our current home is built on a crawl space, so you know what?  I don’t have to spend time sorting and cleaning out the junk I stick in the basement.  I’m was so beyond tired of having a bunch of useless stuff stuck in my basement because I felt too guilty to throw out yet another dumb purchase.  When you don’t have as much space for storage, you buy intentionally.  You don’t spend as much money which leaves more to either pay off the mortgage faster or to do worthwhile things with your family, like travel!  I’m serious, people, I’m finished spending extra money to get more space in a home so it can be filled was useless things.  I’m right, you know I am!

Even though this list is long, I haven’t touched on everything in the home.  Hopefully, I’ve given you enough to think about so you can start envisioning your family living in a beautiful cottage home!