Five Things it Took me 50 Years to Learn

July 8, 2019 | Starr Tingle

Turning 50 is a big deal, so I’m celebrating the entire month of July! In the midst of all the celebrating, I’ve written a blog about five things I learned by the time I turned 50. I’ve learned a lot more for sure, but these are five things that I guess surprised me and might surprise you too!

I never need a house as big as I thought I did.

Yep, you read that right.  This girl builder is not a proponent of building a home bigger than you need.  And I’ve gotten very realistic about what our family really needs:

We only ever needed one place to watch a TV because entertainment should be a family event. 

And? Raising children of any age – especially teens – is best done in close quarters.  For example, not having bedroomsclose to each other doesn’t allow you to monitor when they are going to bed at night. 

Using your kitchen table for every meal is a must. Sitting at the island doesn’t cut it. You can’t sit in a straight row and converse.   I love my island, but I think I would have been better served by making extra storage under the back of my island instead of having seating there. 

Bedrooms don’t need to be big.  They should be for sleeping only. 

There really needs to be a designated place in your home to do homework/work. 

For the sanity of this household, separate baths have been a lifesaver, and I would recommend them.  

Organization is a Lie

Decluttering is the truth.  You can only have as much stuff as you have space to store it.  More than that creates a mess that you are continually fighting to keep neat.

And that’s when the 50 million article on organizing start to entice you. And those article persuade you to go to Target and buy a lot of cute bins. And you get home, and you don’t have room for the cute bins. They help you avoid the real issue: you have more stuff than you have space to store it.

 If your clothes won’t fit in your closet, take everything thing out and only put your favorite items back.  Then get rid of the rest.  Do this for every area of your home.  You’ll thank me later.  Need more advice on this topic?  Read Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White.  Dana really opened my eyes to this truth and her book was fun and easy to read. A link to purchase it is here.

Two Dishwashers is as Fabulous as it Sounds

I’m not a proponent of eating out.  It’s way expensive.  It’s not good for you.  The drive and the wait are too much for us.  That being said, we create so many dirty dishes and pans it is nuts. 

When we remodeled our current home, Tony and I decided to try two dishwashers.  It is heavenly.  To help streamline our dishwasher use, got rid of pretty much everything that can’t go in the dishwasher such as wooden cutting boards and wooden spoons. 

My grandmothers iron skillet is the only item I regularly hand wash.  Everything else, unless it is too large, goes in the dishwasher.  One of my first morning chores is to unload both of them while I drink down my first glass of water for the day.

Interested in which dishwasher is my favorite? Find it here.

Becoming Self-employed is the Second Best Decision I Ever Made

The first was marrying Tony, just in case you wondered!

I love being self-employed.  It fulfills me in ways I never imagined it could.  It fuels my creativity in a million directions.  It makes me alone responsible for me.  I would 95% recommend it to anyone who has the dream.  (I have to hold back that last 5% because the health insurance sucks SO MUCH…).

I know without a doubt that I’ve worked 10x harder than I would have had I remained in a corporate job, but I’ve gotten to work on my terms.  I’ve always moved my schedule around to accommodate being with my kids.  I’ve been taken my girls with me to meetings, job sites, and with clients to make selections.  They have learned so much! 

It has been an incredible experience, and I appreciate Tony so much for encouraging me to leave my corporate job back on our 14th wedding anniversary when he urged me for the last time to “go all in.”  

I’m Going to Help More Homeowners Have a Fabulous Home in My Next 50 Years

I have delighted in being able to help our clients build dream homes and remodel much loved homes, but I am going to reach more people than just the small area close to our home base of Shelbyville, Kentucky. 

There are homeowners out there that share my passion for making their home beautiful, better, and they want to do it themselves. If I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years in this business, it is that general contractors do not have a superpower. Our two most important traits are that we are very organized and tenacious, and we possess a mind that just likes to build things, to know how things come together.

I going to find ways to reach the homeowners who want to remodel their bathroom or kitchen, and I’m going to help them be successful, love their home, and save money in the process.  

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes you shared on our facebook page over the weekend! I appreciate them so much! You can see our facbook page here.