The Bayberry

A split ranch perfect for your or your family?  Then the Bayberry is for you.  Coming in at 1,600 square feet, it feels and lives more like 2,000.  Now that my friends, is REAL value.  If your budget won’t allow for you to reach to 1,600 square feet, no worries, we have this plan in many sizes, so call us to try one on for size!

What we really love about this home is the kitchen.  With an island coming in at 7′ long, there is loads of room for meal prep on a grand scale (think a whole week of meals at one time!).  Lots of cabinet space and an option to add one or two pantry cabinets.  I find two to be the very perfect number!

A few cool details we’ve added to improve this plan such as the transoms window in the hall bath and a luxed up shower in the master, make this home gracious and fun to live in.  Seriously, this home is popular with every age group out there, so think hard, this could be the perfect home for you and your family.

As with all of our Sanctuary Express Build plans, you can customize them as much as your budget will allow at the time of construction, or you can skimp on the finish.  Believe it or not, we actually advocate skimping on the finishes!  Why?  Because the structure of your home is the very most important part – it has to be right to last and give you less maintenance headaches down the road.  We believe strongly in this; that’s why your home from Sanctuary won’t be the cheapest out there.  I mean really, do you want a cheap HOME?   As for the interior finishes, those can always be updated later; save up your money so you aren’t paying for it over 30 years.