Adam Hall

Adam Hall is a real favorite with our families.  With FOUR bedrooms on the second floor, taking care of small children and hearing what your teens are up to is a real bonus.  While on the second floor, the master suite is still situated such that the parents are awarded a little privacy and can enjoy their spacious bedroom, luxury bath, and large walk in closet.

A first floor dining room is perfect if you are a family who entertains a lot or needs space for a home office. Let us install some pretty doors on the cased opening at the foyer and you are ready for business!

As with all of our Sanctuary Express Build plans, you can customize them as much as your budget will allow at the time of construction, or you can skimp on the finish.  Believe it or not, we actually advocate skimping on the finishes!  Why?  Because the structure of your home is the very most important part – it has to be right to last and give you less maintenance headaches down the road.  We believe strongly in this; that’s why your home from Sanctuary won’t be the cheapest out there.  I mean really, do you want a cheap HOME?   As for the interior finishes, those can always be updated later; save up your money so you aren’t paying for it over 30 years.