Design Trends in Louisville, Kentucky

April 6, 2017 | Starr Tingle

interior of home for sale on Breeders Cup Court

Trends come and go, which is why we try not to be too trendy, but there are some style looks that are on our list for this year as must haves when you are thinking of remodeling or building. We will take you through some of these looks and how you can incorporate them in your home. They are not difficult or expensive but we promise they will have people asking who designed your home and you can say Sanctuary Homes helped!

Look # 1  Farm House

This is something that Sanctuary Homes does very well. Our stye is simple and clean. We love textures like ship lap and barn wood.  In many of our homes and remodels you will see this clean look that combines the rustic elements of nature and the simplicity of neutrals to create a calm pallet for any family to live and relax in.  Farmhouse style is simple. Its not a lot of “stuff”.  No heavy curtains, or tons of accessories just simple design that people can live in.

Organized entry way, per Sanctuary standards.
A farmhouse currently being built by Sanctuary Homes.

Look # 2 Two- Toned Cabinetry

This is one we are just starting to get into.  We do try to stay timeless and not to trendy so we are very conservative with this trend.  We do love mixing it up though!  Having a different color island, or hood creates a statement. It gives your kitchen some personality. Everyone loves to feel that their space is unique and this trend helps to do just that.

Look # 3 Mixing Styles

Mixing styles is something a lot of people seem to be afraid of, but  it’s really is a lot easier than it looks. We just try to make it too complicated. Imagine that!  Start with a traditional piece; most of us have a least one or two pieces passed down grandparent or great uncle.  If you don’t, antiques are quite cheap right now, and antiquing is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  A great was to incorporate these items, but still be modern, is to paint them. We have turned several older pieces in to show stoppers with some paint and elbow grease.  Another great trick is adding a modern rug.  You would be amazed how a new rug can transform a space. These are just a couple things to help you get started.  Mixing styles is a way to incorporate personality and make your space more interesting and dynamic.


Look # 4 Subway Tile

Subway tile looks great everywhere. From backsplashes to shower walls; we love it!  We are seeing the classic white but also some pretty gray tones and even bright colors if you want to have some fun.  Subway tile comes in many materials as well. There is ceramic, natural stone and glass.  All of these still provide you with a classic timeless look.

Subway tile in master shower.

Subway tile in kitchen backsplash.


Look # 5 Marble

Some say the classic carrara marble look is back; we maintain it never really left.  White with gray veined  marble is such a timeless classic look.  As you may have noticed Sanctuary Homes loves timeless and classic.  We are seeing marble in kitchens, baths and even around fireplaces. Marble can add that touch of elegance that a space is missing.  It will never go out of style.  For those of you who are afraid of maintenance that comes along with carrara marble, keep a close eye on the quartz manufactures.  They are coming up with some very viable options.


Well hopefully we have given you some great ideas on how you can update and maybe bring some personality in to your everyday living space making it one you will want to live in for a very long time!