Custom Built Homes

Is building a custom home something you’ve dreamed about for years?

Back in 2005, Tony and I built our first custom home for ourselves. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. I had so much fun tweaking the floor plans. I carried samples pieces of trim and paint swatches with me everywhere I went. I thought about it, all the time and I enjoyed everything! Visiting the job site on Saturday to see what had happened and to pick up the job site – so much fun! It didn’t matter if it was hot or raining – I was just happy to be at my house! Mixing stains over and over to come up with just the right color for the flooring – captivating! Seriously, if Tony were to look at me and say, “Let’s build a new house.” That is all it would take to convince me.

If this describes you and your excitement level for building a new home, contact me so we can get started!!!

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