Bathroom Remodel Cost – #1

March 26, 2020 | Starr Tingle

Bathroom #1 - Remodel

I’ve been hearing you guys would like to have some information on what a bathroom remodel cost. Well, you’re in luck because tonight I’m gonna tell you all about it. 

I’m going to take you through a bathroom remodel I did not long ago, and I’m going to share why the bathroom didn’t work for my client, what we remodeled to fix it, and how much it cost. 


Here is a quick video of the before:

A quick little video of the “before”….

What did not work for them: 

  1. The double bowl vanity. There was not enough counter space, and they only used one sink. 
  2. The tub jets did not work, but also the tub was deep and hard to get in and out of, especially for folk planning their retirement home. 
  3. The shower was too small. 
  4. There was no storage. 


Here’s the only “after” photos I have at this time. Once the quarantine is over, I will try to get some more photos, I promise!! 🙂

The new shower. Faux glass block window, tile walls, grab bar, bronze plumbing fixtures.
The “quilt” look niche and a close up of the faux glass block window.



Here is a breakdown of the things we did and what they cost. The total cost of the project was $16,500.00.

  • Site Protection – covered carpets and floors from the bathroom to the garage: $156.87
  • Designer time: $285
  • Demo labor/ Dumpster / Portable Restroom: $1,045.40
  • Framing – materials, and labor: $195.95
  • Window – install and repair siding on the exterior: $908.55
  • Plumbing Labor: $1,050.00
  • Plumbing Fixtures: $707.28
  • Electric Labor: $675
  • Electric Fixtures – light fixtures, bulbs, bath fan with heater: $418.33
  •  HVAC – new vent bath fan to soffit: $525
  •  Drywall: $1,095.10
  • Tile – materials and labor: $1,397.18
  • Vanity cabinet, countertop, sink, hardware: $925.39
  •  Flooring- materials, and labor: $242.84
  •  Trim – materials, and labor: $320.85
  •  Paint – materials, and labor: $325
  •  Shower door, grab bar, closet shelves, towel bars, robe hooks, all installed, plus rehanging mirror they already had: $963
  •  Clean Up – 4 times: $325
  •  Total – Direct Costs: $11,561.74
  •  Indirect Costs – insurance, autos, cell phone, computers, office supplies, and salary of site leader: $1,733
  •  Project Management Fee: $3,300
  •  Total Costs: $16,594.74

Wrap Up

I’m committed to educating homeowners on the process of remodeling their home – and understanding how much it costs to remodel is a huge part of the process! – because it can be a deeply rewarding, fun experience – if you have taken time to carefully plan out your remodel.  

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