21 Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

August 14, 2019 | Starr Tingle

Here is a list of questions you should always ask a prospective homebuilder you are interviewing.  It might feel awkward to you, but I challenge you to remember the amount of money you are getting ready to commit to spending.  Really close your eyes and think about that number, or write it on a piece of paper in front of you.  It’s a lot.  This is largely a buyer beware society, you HAVE to do your due diligence when spending this vast amount of money.  So, apologize to the builder you are speaking to if it makes you feel better, but ask the questions.  A good builder who has nothing to hide, should encourage you to ask away!

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. What is your educational & experience background?
  3. Do you have a professional designer(s) to help with space planning and selection?
  4. Are your trades employees or subcontractors?
  5. Will you provide me with a written list of client references I can call?
  6. Do you have a written scope of work/product installation methods for each trade? If yes ask to see it.
  7. What professional associations do you belong to?
  8. Where do you bank and who is your contact person?
  9. Where do you purchase your lumber and who is your contact person?
  10. Do you use the same trade subcontractors consistently or receive bids for the lowest price?
  11. Will you provide a written timetable for project construction?
  12. Who will be my daily contact? How will they contact me?
  13. Can I receive a copy of your warranty and homeowner’s manual?
  14. How long have your key employees been with your company?
  15. process?
  16. How many homes have you built similar to mine?
  17. On average, how much do your customers deviate from your allowances?
  18. What is your change order policy?
  19. What happens if you miss the agreed upon closing date?
  20. What guarantees do you offer?
  21. Why should I choose your company?