8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

October 1, 2020 | Starr Tingle

It has been five years since we remodeled our home, and our master bath is still relaxing and restful. I have put together 8 bathroom remodel ideas from my own house. Here are the things I love the most!

This blog post is all about 8 bathroom remodel ideas from my own house!

Bathroom remodels are one of my favorite things, so I have written extensively about each of the topics below. I have linked each of my favorite items back to a blog post where I talked about where to buy, what I recommend, etc. 

Marble tile.

Okay, I freely admit the marble tile in my shower was a luxury upgrade. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. I tried to find something more practical, but I could never find anything I could look at for several years without tiring. This marble delivers! I squeegee it down every time I use it, mainly for the pleasure of looking at those marble tiles. Five years in, and it looks good as ever!

Shepherd hook shower arm and rain can.

I love the way they look and the feel of the water. I use them in my client’s bath remodels whenever possible! 

Chrome fixtures. I never tire of chrome plumbing fixtures. They are classic and sparkly, and I enjoy them day in and day out. I find they are super easy to keep clean, too.

Medicine cabinets.

I never thought I would be one for medicine cabinets, but it turns out they are not just useful for storing medicine. The extra storage and easy accessibility are considerable perks to this simple addition. 



Hardwood Flooring.

That’s right, I have hardwood flooring in my bathroom and recommend it for you, too. It is warm, durable, and looks fantastic with the marble tile in the shower. 



Separate vanities.

Tony and I each have our own (small) vanity. I like it so much better for us than one long vanity with two sinks. Having two small vanities cabinets, separated by the shower is the only way I can ensure my stuff stays off his sink! 

Soaker tub.

While I do not believe a master bath needs a shower and a bathtub, I am glad mine does. My nightly routine includes a soak. It helps me turn off the day and prepare to sleep. Here is a link to my tub. It has a small footprint and is comfy.  

A good bath fan.

I like knowing our bath fan that will pull the excess moisture out of the bathroom, keeping the air healthy and preserving the room.


Bath Fans

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This blog post is all about 8 bathroom remodel ideas from my own house!

I love sharing what works for Tony and me and ideas I recommend to others when building their dream home. These are tried and true features that will make your bath remodel remarkable!

If you are getting ready to embark on your own bath remodel or are building your dream home, I am excited for you! I hope you love your final result – and the process – as much as I do! Stuck? Reach out to me at starr {at} starrtingle dot com, and I’ll help you through whatever is keeping you from enjoying the process!