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Our Services

  • Custom Built Homes

    A custom build is the ideal choice if you have the time and budget to spend on creating the home of your dreams. Relax, we will make your home a sanctuary.

  • Remodeling

    Reimagining and renovating your space is an excellent option when you love where you live and can’t imagine moving. We have the talent and skill to make you fall in love with your home all over again!

What Makes Sanctuary Homes Unique?

Tony and Starr bring a unique combination of skills to Sanctuary Homes.  Their individual areas of expertise highlight and complement the other. Tony can see your finished project in his mind. As if he has a broad, aerial view of your property, he sees where and how to place the house, knows how to position and wind the driveway that leads home each day. He inherently knows where the barn needs to go, where the pastures will form, where a path might form that will lead to the perfect place for a lake.

As Tony is following the vision for the outside, Starr’s strengths are in making the inside of a home the place you most want to be. Once plans are in front of her, she can walk through a beautiful, finished home in her mind’s eye;  imagining design elements coming together, placing the various features and colors chosen you’ve. She loves working to adjust a floor plan here or there so that we maximize the space, making it easy to organize your stuff, entertain guests, and live graciously.

Tony possesses a natural ability to explain and deal with trades. Starr’s forte is in customer service and communication. As a team, they both thrive in an organized, well-run business so life isn’t stressful for them or for their clients. They strive to be down to earth, relatable, honest, and transparent.  They love what they do, and it is their desire to serve clients and their homes with the best of who they are.

The Sanctuary Blog

How to Clean and Seal Natural Stone

September 6, 2021 | Starr Tingle

We recently took a couple of hours to clean and seal our natural stone (Carrara Mable) countertops! There were installed six years ago and I’ve been worried about spilling something ...

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