Tony Tingle

About Tony

Tony, the founder of Sanctuary Homes, very appropriately manages the foundation and framing of all our new homes.  No kidding!  Tony cares most about the structure of your new home.  He gets that if the foundation is no good, the house will never live up to your expectations.  So during the building process, Tony will be the one watching the foundation going in and checking on the framers.  His framing checklist is as long as your arm!  Tony’s second focus is water control.  Tony understands how important rain water control is in Kentucky where a rain event can mean and inch or two of rain in 15 minutes.  Beyond those two ultra important things, Tony is super involved in all aspects of the company and enjoys it all a great deal.

Random Fact

Tony loves working on seamless jobs that take off without a hitch, he enjoys craft beer, and thinks he would love it when his three teen daughters take his advice. He is still waiting for this to happen.

Contact Tony

(502) 639-5203