Raenell Marston

About Raenell

Raenell enjoys nothing more than spending time in our design studio helping new construction and remodel clients choose all the things to make their new home or space beautiful.  In addition to design, Raenell excels at styling rooms or an entire home.  If building a new home or remodeling your current home just aren’t in your future, yet you want to freshen up and bring new life to your space, call Raenell!  She will meet with you, “shop” from things you already own and pull together a beautiful, edited new look for a room in your home or for your entire home!  Need some new things to add to the mix?  No problem, Raenell is there for you!  That’s what makes Raenell an excellent Stylist and one you should schedule right away!



Random Fact

Raenell’s favorite things in life are dressing her grandbabies to perfection, tall drinks with extra ice, and serving her church and community.

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